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Educating both of my daughters in Gurukulam was the best decision we made. Both Nisarga and Sakshi have developed educationally and in their bold personalities. We are proud of their confident nature, enthusiasm for everything, new ideas, and positive attitude. We, parents, were always kept precisely informed about our child’s accomplishments. We were so happy that we decided to bring our younger daughter Sakshi to join the Gurukul.

- Mr. Anil Tekawade

Our daughter Saee was quite happy in the regular school. Since we came to Katarkhadak, she discovered the joy she had not known before, a freedom-based joy. Apart from academics, she enjoyed exploring music, dance, drama, gymnastics, pottery, farming, etc.,  without having any performance pressure, but just for play.

- Mr. Prashant Gujare

Rishi Gurukulam is truly a magical place for the complete development of a child. For the parents, it’s nothing short of an extended family. They have not just excelled academically and in sports but have learned a lot in the areas of arts (music, drama, dance, singing, pottery, and a whole lot more). Thanks to the surroundings of Gurukulam, children stay close to nature. As each class has limited students, each kid gets individual attention, and peer-to-peer learning is part of the system.

- Mr. Vishal Shukla

“Gurukulam has given directions to my talents and inspired me to express myself through music.”

Vedoci Lekhi The True School of Music! Certi?cate program in music

(Rishi Gurukulam 2010-2017)

“Gurukul showed me my true worth and gave me the safe space I needed to discover myself and my talents.”

Kali Shukla Student, Mahindra UWC

(Rishi Gurukulam 2015-2020)

“I will never forget the Gurukul days. I got lifetime friends and values. It gave me the confidence to live in anything is possible.”

Soham Samant BFA in Applied arts, Rachana Sansad College

(Rishi Gurukulam 2010-2017)

“Freedom to choose my career at school has made me who I’m today. I’m thankful to all the teachers (Didi) to guide and help me achieve it.”

Karan Bhavsar EV Dev Engineer Curtis Instruments

(Rishi Gurukulam 2010 - 2014)

“Thanks, Rishi Gurukulam for the freedom you gave me to explore my passion for photography, painting, and cricket.”

Krish Bendre, Student at Mahindra UWC

(Rishi Gurukulam 2010 - 2021)

“Rishi Gurukulam has helped me to achieve success beyond my expectations and to develop lasting friendships.”

Hrushikesh Kolekar Entrepreneur, Kimako Industries

(Rishi Gurukulam 2010-2016)