The lush green surroundings induce a sense of calm and stimulate the intellect among students. 
Resting peacefully in the foothills of the Khatarkhadak hills the picturesque hill is most recognized by its landscapes that are decorated with green hills, rolling slopes and rollicking streams that flow through the ravines in the Monsoons.

Khatarkhadak is that one place where you can breathe free from noise, air, water pollution and feels the nature caressing your sense!
The beautiful landscapes work their charm on all and take off to a place of inner peace and happiness in this heavenly harbour.

Academic Facilities


  • Tukaram Treehouse
  • Rahim Treehouse
  • Simba Treehouse
  • Hawamahal Treehouse
  • Nanak Nest
  • Appa Treehouse

(Under the tree)

  • Luv-Kush Katta
  • Bodhidharma Katta
  • Meher Katta


Lao Tzu Library

E-learning and Theatre

Tagore Theatre and E-Learning from Teachnext

Computer Lab

Param Computer Lab

Science Labs

CV Raman Lab

Music Room

Mira music room

Sports Grounds

  • Parvati Play area
  • Sai Sports
  • TT Room
  • Cricket Nets
  • Swimming in Mandi lake

Other Facilities


Well ventilated Villas to accommodate children with all Modern amenities safely guarded by cultural Parents.

Dining Hall

Food to savour the mind and body. Students take their meals in the Dining lobby in the comfortable ambience in silence. Importance is given to the quality, nutrition and hygiene.


Daily Laundry services to maintain hygiene amidst play, sports and schooling. Rishigurukulam provides service of laundry where clothes and linen collected every day from residents in the morning and returns back after the service.

Medical facilities

Clinical assistance by medical practitioner with healing touch. We have basic medical facilities such as a reformatory and consultation room.


RISHI GURUKULAM Dyaneshwar Bhoomi, Katarkhadak Hills, Taluka – Mulshi, Pune, Maharashtra, 412115

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