Welcome To Rishi Gurukulam - Katarkhadak Hills, Pune.

At Rishi Gurukulam our endeavour is to enhance the quality of learning through joyful and effortless education, where children get space to grow in inner richness and live joyfully and healthy together, in the green environment.


Developing Lifelong Learners 

We develop academic competence in students by developing innovative teaching approaches that captivate their interest and motivate them to become lifelong learners.

Student-Friendly Environment

A student-friendly environment that will unleash each child from his or her fear and shyness

Social Awareness and a Sense of Belonging

Encourage students to take on leadership roles and contribute to uplift diverse communities to develop social awareness and a sense of belonging.

12 Years of Experience
10+ Years of Service
1000+ Students
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Online Orientation is at Every Sunday

Time: 11 to 12 PM IST

Developing The Personality Which Is Admired By World.

Every parent desires a child whose personality comes through wherever the child learns in life. The main objective of this Online Orientation is to develop a wonderful personality.

  • The Orientation Program is designed to help students adjust to their new surroundings
  • It comprises events, workshops, and informational activities that expose you to Rishi Gurukulam student life and prepare you for the future.
  • Orientation session is important to your success in beginning your journey with confidence.
  • You will learn everything you need to know for a successful transformation.

Student's day

A day for a student in the Gurukulam


Our online course categories.

What our Parents say's

Educating both of my daughters in Gurukulam was the best decision of ours. Both Nisarga and Sakshi have developed educationally and in their own bold personalities. We are proud of their confident natures, their enthusiasm for all things, their new ideas and with their positive attitude. We parents were always kept precisely informed about our child’s accomplishments. That’s why without any doubts we also brought our younger daughter Sakshi to join this Gurukul.

- Mr. Anil Tekawade

Saee was quite happy in the regular school. Since we came to Katarkhadak, she has discovered the joy she did not know before. This is a freedom based joy. Apart from academics, she is enjoying exploring music, dance, drama, gymnastics, pottery, farming etc. without any performance pressure just for play

- Mr. Prashant Gujare

Rishi Gurukulam is truly a magical place for complete development of a child, and for parents it’s nothing short of an extended family. They have not just excelled academically and in sports but have learnt a lot in the area of arts (music, drama, dance, singing, pottery and a whole lot more). Thanks to the surroundings of Gurukulam kids stay close to the nature. As each class has limited students, each kid gets an individual attention and peer to peer learning is part of the system.

- Mr. Vishal Shukla


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