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Students are encouraged to explore various learning methods. This ensures that all types of learners get an advantage and all students develop all types of learning abilities.

Value Education

  • Meditation: The way to experience silence and Being non-judgemental!! Three times in a day.
  • Gratitude time: Expressing Gratitude! The way of Acceptance and Appreciation of things we have.
  • Advanced SSY classes: Taking action, coming from inner silence to achieve outer success.
  • Children SSY: Instilling Being of I am great and I do Great Things!
  • Inspirational classes: Way to anything is possible! Sharing of knowledge, experiences and guidance to young minds from the personalities of various fields.
  • Seva and social responsibilities: Empowering Indian villages for abundance.

Playway Method

Rishi Gurukulam encourages a joyful and pleasant environment that enables the active involvement of the children in a playful manner. We adopt this interactive play way method for class 1 till class 7, like storytelling, role play, field projects, peer to peer learning and dramas to bring out curiosity. Creativity and expressions help in nurturing the overall development of the child.

Pre-primary with ISP Techniques

A unique residential school with the mother-toddler concept, where toddlers grow and blossom in a natural environment and open surroundings. Parents and teachers are trained to enhance sensory perceptions with ISP techniques of Flash Cards, Encyclopedia Bits and playful activities.

RCRT Method

This way of learning is scientifically designed to complete the entire year’s formal syllabus in one month and remember it for life. This dynamic technique is adopted by class 8 students. This offers them the boundless freedom to learn and grow beyond the standard syllabus of education.

Field trips and Excursions

Surrounded by breathtaking nature and pristine hills, Rishi Gurukulam, offers ample opportunities for trekking, camping and even waterfall bathing to its students. Adventurous long treks, village & farming activities and industrial visits expose children to a wide range of hands-on knowledge. Annual trips introduce them to different geography and cultures of India, developing team spirit and adaptability. They live with the belief that “anything is possible” and remain enthusiastic and lively in their growing years.

E-learning classroom

Rishi Gurukulam implements the use of information technology to illuminate comprehensive information in an engaging manner. The use of interactive multimedia helps the student understand elaborate details of a subject in an exciting yet simple manner. Learning becomes involving and fun.

Life skills

Rishi Gurukulam develops the skills and abilities of students making them adaptive and proactive. Learning a variety of soft and hard skills instils confidence and self-esteem in them from a young age. A positive outlook equips them to effectively meet the opportunities as well as demands of everyday life.

Art and crafts

  • Creative art and Pottery
  • Wall Paintings
  • Fine art
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music (Vocal and Instruments)

Vocational Skills

  • Cooking
  • Handicraft
  • Carpentry
  • Finance and
  • Entrepreneurship

Service to Society