Upanayanam Celebration 2017

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Upanayanam is one of the traditional Samskara that marked the acceptance of a student by a guru, the teacher and a student’s entrance to a gurukul in Hinduism.

 The sacred threads, yagnopavita is received by the boys during this ceremony, that he continues wearing across his chest thereafter. And for the girls it is a red threads tied on their wrists.
This also creates an awareness that he/ she should be ready to shoulder responsibities of life.

Pujya Guru Rishi Prabhkarji believed that girls too experience Upanayanam.

It is a unique celebration in the air for all the Rishigurukulians.

It was on  6 August, 2017 , twenty -six students from  grade VIII and IX ,  in the age group of  13 -14 practised the rituals of Upanayanam .

The entire Gurukulam was decorated with flowers,especially the AMC Hall adorned with 26 individual Hawan Kund and a main Hawan Kund for performing the ritual.
The day began with Mundan ceremony, shaving the head of boys.

The Parents of these Kumars/ Kumaris and all Gurukulam teachers were draped in grand attire. Girls looked like young brides whereas boys as Pandits.

The dinning zone was beautifully decorated with Rangoli around all the 26 banana leaves for the feast. Children sat alongside their mothers for ‘ The Matrubhojan’

The banana leaves are filled with variety of food items made in Gurukul kitchen. Thanks to the kitchen team who tirelessly prepared the entire day’s delicacies with smiles and contentment of serving all the guests.

The feast includes more than 26 various kinds of home-made children’s favorite sweet dishes brought by the parents, was served on banana leaves.
The shishya is fed by friends, teachers and wellwishers, only after the mother gives the first morsel.

The enthusiasm of Gurukulam students towards their friends was euphoric. The RGKKH family collectively lightened up the ceremony facilitating assistance in staging the event.

Gurukulam was flooded with more than 350 people that included parents and their relatives. 

The best part of the ceremony began with the head Priest, assistant priests along with Ketkima presiding the ceremony.
The AMC Hall looked like an ancient place of worship with Gayatri Mantra echoing in the hills of Katarkhadak. 

The students took blessings from all the elders.While parents handed over their children to Gurukulam through Ketki maa, there was joy mixed with feeling of temporary separation.

We are blessed by Guruji and Arundhati Ma for preparing them for their life.

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