The 14 Magical Words

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How to get children to do things you want them to do, and, that too, with a lot of ease and fun.

This means that the moment a child hears any of these words, his ears stand up, his eyes light up and his lips break into that impish grin. His entire body gains momentum and then there’s nothing that can stop him.

None of these words are novel and I’m sure that each one of us has used every one of these listed words at some point in time. However, what is novel is the awareness that these words can actually work as saviours in the most trying situations.

1. Secret

This is the most loved of all words. The feeling of importance and uplift that a child gets when you tell him, “We’ll keep this a secret” is unimaginable.

2. Picnic

When we say, “Let’s go for a picnic”, it brings in an atmosphere of entertainment for the child. A picnic need not be an extravagant outing. Any place you go to with some packed lunch can be called a picnic.

3. Surprise

The word ‘surprise’ can work wonders. An otherwise dawdling child may actually hurry up the process and get it over with before you know it.

4. Idea

“I have an idea” — this statement literally switches on a bulb in a child’s mind. Your idea may be as simple as “Let’s get dressed fast and then we’ll have milk in a saucer today”. You’ll be amazed at the results.

5. Game

“Let’s play a game” — this statement naturally brings in an element of fun in any activity. A number of otherwise uninteresting things can be made very interesting when done in the form of a game.

6. Counting numbers

“1… 2… and, the last one is, …3.” This, I suppose, is an age-old way of getting children to do something when otherwise they would not have obliged.

7. Animal friends

Animals are a child’s best friends. Children are fascinated by animals and will do anything to imitate them. Don’ttell anyone

8. Story

This is another word that has been used time and again for generations together. All children love stories. The concept of storytelling has been explained at various stages in this book.

9.  Fun

The monotony of an activity can be easily broken by the words, “Let’s have some fun”. The surge of energy that flows into the child with the advent of these words is worth the watch.

10. Magic

‘Magic’ is a combination of ideas, surprise, and fun. The atmosphere it creates is obviously a combined effect of all three. Of course, you don’t have to be a magician to perform magic for children. Anything that you show them with lots of spirit is ‘magic’.

11. Gift

A gift is a ‘treasure’ for a child irrespective of its monetary worth. A gift creates a bond with the child.

12. Guess what?

“Guess what?” is an effective combination of surprise, fun, and secret. It elevates the curiosity in a child and keeps him asking for more.

13. Something new

“I’ll show you something new.” This sentence makes the child very attentive. His brain begins to work in all possible directions, trying to figure out ‘what it is that he doesn’t already know’.

14. Whisper

‘Whisper’ is an all-rounder and most important. An enthusiastic whisper in a child’s ear can work miracles. Every word comprised in this list, when whispered, multiplies the results at least ten times.

Always remember that these words are like individual beads; the thread that binds them and creates an ornament out of them comprises a lot of Joy, a lot of Enthusiasm, a lot of Excitement and a lot of Drama from your side!


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