Welcome to Rishi Gurukulam – Katarkhdak Hllls, Pune.

At Rishi Gurukulam our endeavour is to enhance the quality of learning through joyful and effortless education, where children get space to grow in inner richness and live joyfully and healthy together, in the green environment.

Focus of intelligence

Linguistic, Mathematical, Musical, Spatial, Kinesthetic, Intra-personal, Inter-Personal, Naturalist.

Five Fundamentals of Educations


Means Space. It represents Freedom and Silence. This element infuses peace and tranquillity in the atmosphere where the child remains calm, composed, relaxed and happy. A serene ambience is instrumental in creating confidence and joy and serves as an important part of the overall growth of a student.


A peaceful and happy child bonds easily with others. The Vayu or Air element offers the base for connecting and touching others’ heart and soul through love. Children enrich themselves with lots of friends and loving family around them. Expressing love, compassion, respect and concern for nature and people around them, helps the child to be joyful and enthusiastic leading to effortless learning.

Art, Craft & Life skills


Agni or Fire element represents energy and alertness. Enthusiasm, curiosity and a sense of purpose instils leadership and entrepreneurial qualities amongst the young minds. Children learn to create opportunities for growth for one and all.


Jal means water which represents Taste for Excellence. Rishi Gurukulam inspires children to be active contenders, encouraging the child to give his 100 percent in whatever he does, add value wherever he goes and appreciate the beauty all around him.


Prithvi means the earth element which is symbolic of action and physical work. It represents Seva Bhav (sense of service). Being a down-to-earth individual and serving everyone irrespective of the background of people is the highest value inculcated at Rishi Gurukulam.


Rishi Gurukulam follows CBSE curriculum from Toddlers till class 10th.

At Rishi Gurukulam the CBSE curriculum is enhanced by innovative methodology, different skill classes and value based education to achieve the five fundamentals in education.

In Rishi Gurukulam is divided into following categories to make learning fun and easy. 

PRE-PRIMARY: Toddlers to Upper KG
PRIMARY: 1st to 5th

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Students are encouraged to explore various learning methods. This ensures that all types of learners get an advantage and all students develop all types of learning abilities.

Value Education

  • Gratitude time: Expressing Gratitude! The way of Acceptance and Appreciation of things we have.
  • Advanced SSY classes: Taking action, coming from inner silence to achieve outer success.
  • Children SSY: Instilling Being of I am great and I do Great Things!
  • Inspirational classes: Way to anything is possible! Sharing of knowledge, experiences and guidance to young minds from the personalities of various fields.

Co-curricular Activities

Poster making, Wall Paintings, Fine art, Dance, Drama Music (Vocal and Instruments), Cooking, Handicraft, Carpentry, Finance and Entrepreneurship.


Mr. Prashant Gujare
Parenting Coach

Saee was quite happy in the regular school. Since we came to Katarkhadak, she has discovered the joy she did not know before. This is a freedom based joy. She gets a lot of time to play with friends of all ages. She has developed beautiful bonding with all the children in the school and all the teachers. It’s like one big family. She has become more aware of her responsibilities and takes care of her and family chores effortlessly. Apart from academics, she is enjoying exploring music, dance, drama, gymnastics, pottery, farming etc without any performance pressure just for play. At Rishi Gurukulam every day is special as I see her crossing her limits every day.

Mr. Vishal Shukla Co-founder – Reguage Creations Pvt Ltd.

We feel so fortunate that we took the decision to move to Rishi Gurukulam last year, both Kali and Shri have done tremendous progress on various fronts in last 1 & 1/2 years. They have not just excelled academically and in sports but have learnt a lot in the area of arts (music, drama, dance, singing, pottery and a whole lot more). They also got opportunity to participate in various interschool competitions and won medals at individual levels and team level. Thanks to the surroundings of Gurukulam kids stay close to the nature. As each class has limited students, each kid gets an individual attention and peer to peer learning is part of the system. Also thanks to special focus on spiritual teachings, kids have begun their journey on inward understanding and learn the real purpose of life. The well balanced daily routine and yearly plan helps kids excel in various areas and boost their confidence.

Rishi Gurukulam is truly a magical place for complete development of a child, and for parents it’s nothing short of an extended family.

Mr Anil Takewade

Founder – Ocean Industries Pvt. Ltd

Hello !

So, putting my both daughters in the gurukulam has been one of the best decision of ours. Never thought it would have been this easy to put both our daughters in gurukulam, but yes the Gurukulam sirs and didis made us more confident about everything.

We have observed tremendous changes in Nisarga as well as in Sakshi.

We have to say that the type of education in Gurukul is really high, because by the time Nisarga is in her Engineering course, she is way ahead than others.

This school also helps new students adapt to a whole different learning and requirement system, always ready to help the child overcome the hardships of the learning process as well as create conditions that help improve oneself, enables the students to participate not only in academics, but activities like Sports, Music, Dance, Drama and so on.

We parents were always kept precisely informed about our child’s accomplishments. And that’s why without any doubts we also brought our younger daughter Sakshi to join this Gurukul.
Our 11 year old daughter loved this school from the very first day, her words were ” Aaie and baba, it’s so much fun here. I feel like at home”. We think this is a great compliment from a child’s lips !

Sakshi has shown a huge shift in maturity, interest in learning various skills in just a few months.

Both Nisarga and Sakshi have developed educationally and in their own bold personalities. We are proud of their confident natures, their enthusiasm for all things, their new ideas and with their positive attitudes. We totally believe it is the combination of Gurukul and Kids that has worked so well together to help make both our daughters all rounded.

We can also tell you that we are happy with the Gurukul, it’s employees and the education they have provided to our kids.

Thank-you again the whole Gurukul team for the great time that our daughters have had and for preparing them so well for the upcoming challenges in their lives.