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Marathon and Basketball, sports events


Research suggests that sports has the capacity to channelize youth energy to positive outcomes and provide development opportunities, as well as promote the learning and application of life skill such as adapting in every environment and developing team spirit.

In Gurukul we students practice sports on regular basis and we are more active and healthy. Being involved in sports activities help us build a better immune system to fight diseases and also it is helping us in building and improving our confidence levels.

Here in Gurukul we choose one game every month wherein students practice the game for one full month and at the end of the month, we have exhibition matches for all age groups and the winner teams are rewarded. So in short students learn 8 to 10 different games throughout the year from which they identify their talents and it helps to choose their passions in life.

In last few months we had 4 different games like Marathon running, Kho-kho, Basketball, Handball for girls, and Football for boys.


14th March 2022 – Yesterday, on 13th March 2022, Gurukulam organized Marathon for all students, teachers and parents. The participation was amazing. All the students right from pre-primary to 10th grade participated in this event. There were 4 categories. The Matru-mandir children participated in the 1km Marathon race. Children from grade 5th and few from grade 6th participated in the 3km race. Majority of children from grade 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th participated in the 5km race. Some Jr. boys and girls participated in the 10km race. The senior boys of grade 9th and 10th participated in the 21km race. The children were so well prepared and trained by their coach that each of them completed their event with full enthusiasm. All of them were highly charged up and were excited for more such events to come.  This Marathon event proved the stamina of each child and made them realize their capacity and challenge their own self. All the Gurukulam events make sure to imbibe confidence and learning in each child.


18th march 2022 - On 17th March Gurukulam organized basketball match for 5th to 10th graders. The venue was Parvati basketball court. The match started in the evening at 4:30pm and lasted for one and half hours. The players were divided into 3 categories, the first one of was Jr. Boys which included 5th to 7th grade. The teams were led by Dhairya Sapariya of team Red and Saurabh Bhosle of team Blue. The next category was of girls which included 5th to 10th grade. Here the teams were led by Diya Pamnani of team New Yokers and Filita Alberto of team los Angels. The last but not least was of Sr. Boys which included 8th to 10th grade. The teams were led by Arnav Sawant of team Blue and Shantanu Pawar of team Black. In the Jr. Boy’s match, The team Red won the match from 12 : 2. In the girls team, Los Angles won the match from 6 : 0. In the Sr. Boys, team Blue won the match from 6 : 2. The matches were truly breathtaking and all the children participated with full enthusiasm. These matches were a great learning as shared by the amazing students of Gurukulam.